Effective & compelling copywriting helps you showcase your services and products in the best possible way—and drive clicks and conversions.

The nature of today’s highly competitive global market has paved the way for the discerning online consumer whose attention must be CAUGHT and CAPTURED!

Put simply, the sheer wealth of products and brands on offer has made us increasingly selective and our attention spans incredibly short.

Every decision is emotional. The best way to engage, click and convert is by telling a story that connects your brand or product to the customer.

This is why great copywriting is so important for your website and digital marketing campaigns.

I write engaging, sales-focused website copy for:


Landing pages

About Us pages

Contact Us pages

Product descriptions

Blogs and articles

Social Media

Bespoke digital products

All my copy is customised to your audience and:



Clear, simple & concise

UI/UX best practice

Emotionally engaging

Primed to convert




Why Me?

Hello, I’m Christina Cannes, I have two decades of marketing experience and have produced engaging copy for small businesses, startups, not-for-profits, FORTUNE500 companies and everyone in between.

With a background in journalism–and many years in digital marketing–I write sales-driven website copy that converts, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Copywriting is one of the most undervalued skills, but the MOST valuable asset when it comes to your marketing and messaging.

What Makes Me Different?

One way I stand out from all the others is my ability to deeply empathise with your customer and write copy that speaks directly to them.

Before I write anything I defer to the research. I live and breathe your customers to understand their pain points, perspectives and behaviour.

Using market and customer data, my process allows me to develop simple and effective messaging to convert traffic into sales and position you above your competitors.

As a data analyst, I can refer to qualitative and quantitative data to develop your buyer persona and sales strategy with your unique selling proposition and copy.

Pricing & Packages

1 page of SEO-optimised website copy with keywords (600 words) $200 ($0.30/word).

For large projects, my rates start at $100/hour.

Please contact me to discuss your project and determine your rate.

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Personal Branding

Depending on the project and your type of business, positioning yourself as a personal brand can often create an advantage.

A personal brand is your unique expression of who you are, what you do and how you serve your customers.

It is developed in conjunction with your audience, the service you provide or the products you sell and your attributes and differentiators.

My deep-dive process will:

Identify your values, attributes, and unique abilities

Unlock your unique niche

Unleash your full potential

Develop products and services based on your talents

Bring your experience and story to life

Create your niche/point of difference

Align your personal brand with your target audience

Distill your unique value proposition

Strategize themes & key messaging

Develop tone and brand positioning

I’ll weave together your:



Experience & expertise

Personal story

Strengths, interests & goals

Products & Services

Talents, gifts and flow

Value proposition

Your why, vision & mission

Brand differentiators

Areas of influence

Knowledge, wisdom & gifts

Pricing & Packages

Uniquely You – $700
Deep dive into your values and experience to create your brand. Includes 1 x buyer persona and a personal bio/copy for your About page.

Full Package – $1200
Deep dive into your values and experience to create your brand. Includes 1 x buyer persona and a personal bio/copy for your About page. Includes two pages of SEO optimised copy with keywords plus a key messaging and design strategy.

Please contact me to discuss bespoke projects and pricing.

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