Your Customer + Your Culture = Innovation
With a background in media and marketing, we are your go-to customer experience agency. We help companies and brands gain insights into their customers by:

– Understanding customers and uncovering their expectations
– Discovering purchasing behaviours
– Validating purchasing and selling concepts
– Assessing your omnichannel situation
– Evaluating brand performance vs. competitors
– Monitoring pricing strategies
– Identifying your most valuable customers
– Defining your customer’s ‘value language’
– Evaluating past creative campaign results
– Assessing your company culture

Using qualitative methodologies such as:
– Focus groups
– Individual interviews
– Ethnographic interviews
– Accompanied purchasing interviews
– Staff & management interviews
Using quantitative methodologies such as:

– Store intercepts & assessment
– Web intercepts & shopping behaviour
– Online interviews

Our approach includes four phases:


1. The Discovery Audit

We’ll start with a customer experience discovery audit to get a better understanding of how you track and store your data and how you generate data. We’ll also interview key stakeholders, sales team and customer relationship staff and managers. It’s a totally immersive look into not just your customer data, but your management structure and company culture. Oftentimes the way a customer experiences an organisation is related to the way employees experience their own company.


2. Strategy

If there is an incomplete set of data, we’ll show you how to put together surveys and tracking methods to get a better idea of how you’re performing. This could involve customer surveys, focus groups, CRM (customer relationship management) & DMP (data management platform) implementation and improved marketing campaign tracking. We’ll also help you with persona development, needs analysis, survey design, market/database segmentation.


3. Analysis, Journey Map & Plan

After we have a full set of data, we’ll analyse both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of your customer journey, and identify your customer experience strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We’ll then put together a plan to enhance your customer experience with recommendations and ways to reframe your customer experience at each touchpoint with both systems, software, technology and good old fashioned face-to-face customer service. We’ll show you how to train your staff and how to adopt a customer-centric culture.


4. Creative Campaigns & ROI

And lastly, once you have methods to accurately and effectively capture data, an overhauled customer experience plan implemented and tracking, we’ll get our creative juices flowing and develop loyalty and marketing plans. Before any campaign, we’ll ensure ROI metrics are in place to measure effectiveness. The best part about a great customer experience is watching how its impact ripples out in the world.

Using the empathy map from Business Model Canvas here is a quick way to step into your customer’s shoes:


What do your customers see?

Describe what your customer sees in their environment: what does it look like, who are their friends, what types of offers are they exposed to daily, what problems do they face?

What do your customers hear?

Describe how the environment influences the customer: what do their friends say, spouse, who influences them, what do they watch/see on TV, internet, social media, etc?

What do your customers think and feel?

Sketch out what goes on in your customers’ mind: what is really important to them, what motivates them, what keeps them up at night, what are their dreams and aspirations?

What do your customers say and do?

Imagine what your customer might say or how they might behave in public: what is their attitude, what could they be telling others, what are their potential conflicts between what she might say and feel?

What is your customers’ pain?

What are their biggest frustrations, obstacles and risks they fear taking?

What do your customers gain?

What do they truly want to achieve, how do they measure success, what are the strategies they use to achieve their goals?


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