All About the Customer.

Based in Noosa, Big Beautiful Sky Media helps businesses retain and grow their customer base by enhancing customer experience, refining marketing strategies, and optimising products and services.

We are data-driven, people-focused and results guaranteed. Your customers are our business.

Your Customer

A Good Investment.

With so much competition in the market, customer retention is key. We help businesses make their customers happy and do the marketing for them by:

1. Averting a crisis when sales suddenly decline by identifying the cause and strategising the solution.

2. Providing ongoing customer experience research, product and service innovation, and market forecasting to consistently meet revenue and sales targets.

3. Acquiring new customers using enhanced customer experience and ROI marketing metrics.

Our Process


As a boutique customer experience agency, we like to work with other like-minded brands.

Past projects range from a suite of online products and campaigns for one of Australia’s largest and longest-running folk festivals to immersive events for entrepreneurs, as well as public relations for local and national brands.

And with all our projects, the customer is front and centre.

Our Projects

The Sky’s The Limit.

Our process starts with your customer. We'll help you enhance your customer experience using research and technology, but also develop an innovative workplace culture that embraces diversity and inherently generates new ideas.

Recruiting new customers costs five times as much as retaining current customers. Staff turnover burns out your bottom line. It's always better to love the ones already with you.

Our Expertise
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Web Design

Web Design

PR +<br />
Digital Campaigns

PR +
Digital Campaigns

Visual<br />


Live Events

Live Events

Tourism & Export Markets

Tourism & Export Markets


Christina Cannes, Founder

As the founder, I live and breathe innovation, have taken startups from $0 to $1.3 million in three years, turn companies inside out to communicate value and differentiators, and have worked on both the front lines and behind-the-scenes to intimately understand what makes or breaks a positive customer experience.

About Us

Our Projects

Think Big.

Transform your customer experience. We'll help you create customer-centric, memorable, effective and trackable experience, marketing and media solutions. All projects are approached individually and based on your needs.

Services include customer experience, marketing and media strategy, website design, digital campaigns, content creation, event management and public relations.

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