As a boutique customer experience agency, we like to work with other like-minded brands. Past projects range from a suite of online products and campaigns for one of Australia’s largest and longest-running folk festivals to immersive events for entrepreneurs, as well as public relations for local and national brands.

Customer Experience


Big Beautiful Sky Media helps grow your bottom line by enhancing your customer experience. With a background in media and marketing, we are your go-to customer experience agency. We help you keep your current customers and grow your base by:

– Understanding customers and uncovering their expectations
– Discovering purchasing behaviours
– Validating purchasing and selling concepts
– Assessing your omnichannel situation
– Evaluating brand performance vs. competitors
– Monitoring pricing strategies
– Identifying your most valuable customers
– Defining your customer’s ‘value language’
– Evaluating past creative campaign results

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Web Design & Development

Noosa Website Design

We design websites that tell your brand story and make it easy for your customers to purchase and discover exactly what they need and desire. We design websites with ease of use first and foremost (UI/UX) and make it our mission to understand your customer and how to best serve them with your website design.

We approach web design in three ways: from scratch, re-design/re-fresh and functionality upgrades. No project is the same, therefore, we start every project with fresh eyes, a targeted strategy and an appreciation for diversity and unique designs that represent your brand.

Before we make your site live, we send it out for testing and measure ease of use and quality of design. Our goal is to build sites that your customers love. We ensure forward-thinking designs that can easily accommodate additions and upgrades.

Past projects include: 4WD Touring Australia, Woodford Folk FestivalAustralian Wearable Art Festival, The Planting, Backtrax

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PR & Digital Campaigns

We combine our knowledge of the digital space with our background in public relations to create engaging digital campaigns for product launches, events, interviews, re-brands or any other announcement that should be shared with the world. We help you figure out what, how and when with measurable touchpoints and ROI across all platforms.

Whether it’s through social media, SEO, influencers or eDM, we can help you create and distribute your campaign to your target audience. Like everything we do, our digital campaigns focus on your customer and how best to reach, emotionally engage and convert them.

We can help you with:
– product launches, re-brands, events, announcements
– digital advertising (SEO, social, eDM)
– influencer & content marketing

Past projects include: Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, Festival of Small Halls, The PlantingTravelander, GrowCoastal, Eumundi Chamber of Commerce

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Visual Storytelling & Content Creation

Noosa Photography

We can help you create emotionally engaging and targeted content for websites, blogs, social media, eDM, eBooks, marketing and advertising campaigns, across all digital platforms.

And like everything we do, we create content based on your customer and tell your brand story by clearly showing your values, differentiators and how you can best help your customers solve their problems with ease. Emotions drive every decision so our focus is on what will make your customers react positively to your content.

Before any content is created we start with your customer.

Past projects include: Bauer Media, Woodford Folk Festival, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, The Planting,  Travelander, GrowCoastalIN Noosa MagazineBacktrax, Pat Callinan Media, Eumundi Chamber of Commerce

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Live Events

Welcome to the new economy where experience creates conversion. With so much noise in the digital space, human interactions are proving to be more and more valuable. Experiences are the new currency and the face-to-face and heart-to-heart interactions of live events add four-dimensional touchpoints to your brand.

We have experience managing events ranging from 120,000 people to ten. Whether you simply need help at a trade show or assistance with a conference or workshop, we can help you with every part of the process.

In a busy world, sometimes a face-to-face interaction with a brand representative is what customers need to get them over the line.

Past projects include: 4WD Touring Australia, Woodford Folk Festival, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, GrowCoastal, Eumundi Chamber of Commerce, #SCRIPT.

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Tourism & Export Markets

The Australian tourism economy is slated to grow by 57% from now until 2026. Not only is Australia poised to benefit from so many new visitors, it is one of the most unique places to visit on earth. With over seven years experience in Australian travel media, we know Australia’s geography, demography and are well-equiped to help you with your tourism-based business,

On the same note, Australia is well-poised to become one of the world’s most valuable export economies. With our knowledge of the US market, we love helping companies and brands prepare for launch into the vast and multi-cultural American market – a market with over 327 million people.

We can’t wait to help you tackle new markets and find customers in places all over the world.

Past projects include: 4WD Touring Australia, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, Bauer Media, Woodford Folk Festival.

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Strategic Marketing Plans


We approach every project strategically with a focus on customer experience and an emphasis on how important it is for every business to intimately understand their customers. Before any marketing and advertising campaigns can be developed, customer experience must be studied and enhanced and used to influence the campaign.

We can help you create strategic marketing plans that identify your target market – but first, map your current customer journey, analyse current customer data, illustrate your competitors and their value offerings and then detail ways you can better enhance your customer experience to increase customer retention as well as develop marketing campaigns and tools to acquire new customers.

We approach our marketing strategy holistically – encompassing your entire company from your current customer to your competitors to your target audience.

Past projects include: 4WD Touring Australia, Bauer Media, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, Woodford Folk Festival.

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