Christina Cannes – Digital Strategist, Market & Data Analyst

Naturally curious, I love to solve problems and optimise products and services using data, market research and proven sales strategies.


I have taken startups from $0 to seven figures, turned companies inside out to communicate value and differentiators, and have worked on both the front lines and behind-the-scenes to intimately understand what makes or breaks a positive customer experience.

I think research and data analysis is a great way to spend the day!  With over seventeen years of experience in media, marketing and innovation, I can run the gauntlet from startup to FORTUNE500.

“People want to feel seen, heard and valued—simple yet profound. I love working with my clients as each person and business is unique and so are their customers. My goal is to discover what makes your product, service and self special so that you can align those aspects with the needs of your customer.” 
My superpower is that I have an uncanny ability to sense where the foundational weaknesses of a business are and how the business is under-serving their customer and under-delivering value. I can see your potential and I’m here to help you achieve it.


Oftentimes, I find business owners and managers too busy in the operational functions of the business to step back and see where they could provide, and better communicate, value to their customers. That’s where I come in.

My strengths are analysing data, empathising with customers, managing and completing projects (I’m a finisher), finding ways to improve systems, simplifying everything (especially processes and customer purchase points), pattern recognition and uncovering correlations.

I’m a disruptor, a creator, an explorer – if you’re looking for a shakedown in your business development strategy and finding ways to breathe innovation into your company culture, let’s work together.

Case Studies

Taking a media startup from $0 to seven figures.


4WD Touring Australia is a monthly, national offroad travel magazine and TV show airing on Network TEN. I was actively involved in all areas of the business including but not limited to business development, production, advertising and sponsor procurement, marketing strategy and planning, and editorial. From 2012 – 2014, 4WD Touring was the highest circulating monthly 4WD magazine (CAB Audit 30,000 print magazines per month), won best cover in the Magazine Cover Awards ‘Maggies,’  and Escape Media nabbed runner-up for small publisher of the year at the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards in 2014. Our success was a result of disrupting a market, designing the brand philosophy around travel as a spiritual journey and providing superior customer outreach and service.

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Growing a quarterly magazine selling 5,000 copies per issue to a monthly magazine selling over 15,000 copies per issue. 


Bauer Media Group manages a portfolio of more than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations around the world. As a marketing consultant and writer for Camper Trailer Australia, I conducted readers’ surveys, re-branded and re-designed the magazine, and developed a specific editorial narrative by creating reader-focused content and engaging ‘characters’ in the magazines and across video and DVDs. The success was a result of creating a product that customers needed and wanted.

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Designing a suite of customer-focused websites that increased ticket sales by over 40%.


The Woodford Folk Festival is one of Australia’s largest and longest running music festivals. During 2017, I project managed “front of house” driving ticket sales, festival gates and leading a team of seven staffers and over 200 volunteers. After experiencing firsthand the value perception problems and customer experience issues the festival suffered, I worked with an offshore team to design new websites for the Woodford Folk Festival as well as their brands Artisan Camp, The Planting and Woodfordia. I also managed and created content for their accompanying social media accounts as well as a new and improved EDM and a spring PR campaign for their national touring arm the Festival of Small Halls. The increase in ticket sales was a result of designing customer-centric websites that communicated value and made it easy for customers to purchase tickets. 

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Innovation overhaul by re-focusing the marketing strategy to create member-focused deliverables and working with consultants to create a more inclusive and diverse culture.


The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast is an entrepreneurial hub based at the Sippy Downs campus of USC. I enhanced their digital platforms and live events by creating member-focused content (blog, video, social media, EDM) and in-person interactions with visiting entrepreneurs and specialists who could directly benefit the members. I also re-wrote and re-structured the marketing plan to focus on driving membership and better communicating and providing value to existing members.

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While in the US, I used my natural innovativeness to:


  • Create a business development department for Williams Mullen, a national law firm with over 230 attorneys in 11 offices.
  • Create a lucrative government contract department for a B2B marketing agency.
  • Create a profitable consultancy for a government department that was suffering from budget cuts.
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• Data analytics & insights
• Customer experience
• Market research
• Brand, marketing & sales strategy
• Media & public relations
• Content (web design, blogs, social media, print)
• Social media campaigns & advertising
• Contact & email database management
• Advertising & sponsorship packages
• Business development strategy
• Merchandising & distribution
• Export markets
• Product development


• Data: SQL, R Studio, Tableau, Excel, Google Sheets
• Code: HTML & CSS
• CMS: WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace
• XERO accounting platform
• SMM: Hootsuite, Woobox & Later
• EMS: Hubspot, MailChimp. Sendgrid
• Design: Canva
• CRM: Hubspot, Capsule
• Canon 6D DSLR + lens kit + editing
• Mac OSX + Windows
• Microsoft Office & 365


No matter what the problem, we’ll find a solution.

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