• In Culture

    Creating a Culture That Drives Innovation

    The secret to innovation? Your workplace culture!

    Innovation equals survival. Those who are agile and adaptive survive. Those who see the threats before they arrive thrive.

    It’s well documented that in this age of widespread disruption, companies must innovate continuously, creating new […]

  • In Customer Experience

    2019 Customer Experience (CX) Trends

    Customers still want the same things: simplicity, convenience, and personalisation—but the way in which these expectations are being met grows increasingly sophisticated. These were the top CX trends for 2019.
    1. Omnichannel the Customer’s Way

    A few years ago, tying together various […]

  • In Story

    The Power of Stories

    Stories are powerful. They allow us to experience and feel, to empathise and engage with the subject. Emotions create connections. A story gives your brand context, differentiation, value and meaning.

    Context paints a picture. It provides facts, conveys feeling, provides interpretations […]